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St. Thomas Aquinas Senior RB/WR/S Jalen Hinnant Ends Career With Another Big Central Title


December 20, 2022 Press Contact:

Edison, NJ: Football is a team game.

You need everyone pulling in the right direction, and not just during games: it has to be in the offseason strength and conditioning programs, summer workouts, and practices.

Most of that comes down to the leadership in any team: if you do not have strong leaders that work by example, then your team is probably not going to be successful.

St. Thomas Aquinas Class of 2023 RB/WR/S Jalen Hinnant was undoubtedly one of the senior leaders in a championship program: the Trojans just finished up a 9-2 season in the NJSIAA Big Central United Gold Division, with their second-straight division title trophy to put in the case. Hinnant, who is Mr. Versatile in Tarig Holman's squad, played in all three phases to help Aquinas make the playoffs.

But that is nothing new to Hinnant. He's been helping this program, on and off the field, since he stepped onto campus.

In the classroom, Hinnant came into his senior year with a 3.0 GPA, which will undoubtedly rise as he finishes his time at Aquinas. His teachers always praise his work ethic, which is a natural asset for Hinnant.

Here is a scouting report on Hinnant from a coach:

"Of course, you first notice his speed and how well he uses it wherever he is on the field. Hinnant is very fast. He makes plays out of the safety position because of his read on the game: he is one of the better players I have seen getting a jump on the ball. From talking to some of his coaches, Hillman is a leader in the squad. He is one of those players every coach loves to have on a team because he is always pushing to get better. He pushes his teammates, but more importantly, he walks the walk: he is always there trying to get better.

He is one of those players that will blossom when he gets into a college program. Once again, you need leaders in the team that will work no matter if they start right away, or they have to work to get into the lineup. Hinnant is that player."

To check out Hinnant's film and stats, please visit his personalized player page here:

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