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2026 Jamont Brooks is A Rising Star Showing Tremendous Promise on Both Sides of the Ball

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 30, 2023 St. Louis, MO: Parkway West High School's Jamont Brooks, an athlete with immense potential, has begun to gain major traction. At just 15 years old, Brooks is already making waves as a defensive end/linebacker and tight end for the Longhorns, showcasing extraordinary skill and a maturity well beyond his years. With an elite frame at 6'1" and weighing 200 lbs, Brooks possesses a physical presence that commands attention on the football field. His effortless strength as a defensive lineman is matched only by his determination to dominate his opponents. Combining raw power with finesse, Brooks exhibits a rare blend of athleticism and technique that separates him from his peers. One of the most significant qualities of Brooks is his explosive burst off the line of scrimmage. From the snap of the ball, he launches himself with exceptional speed and agility, leaving opposing offensive lines with tons of problems. His instinctive ability to locate the quarterback quickly has resulted in numerous sacks for Brooks. Furthermore, Brooks's exceptional tackling skills make him a reliable asset on the defensive front. On the other hand, Brooks's talents extend far beyond his prowess as a defensive player. As a tight end, he possesses sure hands and an innate ability to find open space in his routes. Yet, it is his ability to gain substantial yards after the catch that truly sets him apart. With a knack for evading tacklers, Brooks possesses an extraordinary resiliency that allows him to consistently gain at least five yards after almost every reception. His RAC skills have become a defining characteristic of his offensive game. When reflecting on his approach to the game, Brooks shares, "I am known for my hard work ethic and aggressive playing style. As a defensive end and linebacker, I rely on a combination of technique and strength to dominate my position. My deep knowledge and understanding of the game of football allows me to contribute to my team's success." This exceptional blend of physicality, intelligence, and dedication positions Brooks as a standout talent, demonstrating maturity and a deep understanding of the ins and outs of the gridiron. Here’s a scouting report on Brooks: “While it is still early in his high school career, Brooks has already emerged as a formidable force on both sides of the ball. His exceptional tackling abilities, combined with his natural athleticism, display his huge potential. Offensively, taking him down is not an easy task. There’s a future for Jamont on either side of the ball. For more information on Brooks, visit

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