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Pike High School Star Receiver Bryce Hughes Revving Up For A Big Senior Season

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 1, 2023 Indianapolis, Indiana - Pike High School’s Bryce Hughes is a promising athlete from the Class of 2024, who has been turning heads on the football field with his remarkable skills as a wide receiver. Standing at an 5'10" and weighing 165 lbs, Hughes has the size to be an elite slot receiver at the next level, boasting an impressive arsenal of abilities that set him apart from his peers. Known for his lightning-fast speed and agility, Hughes has consistently displayed his burst on the field. With a blazing 10-yard fly time of 1.45 seconds, he leaves defenders in the dust, creating opportunities for big plays. His remarkable vertical jump of 37.6 inches and a broad jump of 118 inches further emphasize his explosive athleticism. These are not numbers that should go overlooked, and they are a testament to Hughes’ potential. One of Hughes' standout attributes is his outstanding catching ability. Possessing exceptional hands, he consistently makes contested receptions with apparent ease. Another skill that is difficult to teach is tracking the ball over the shoulder. However, Hughes has no trouble racking in deep shots from his quarterback. This allows him to be one of the most prominent deep threats on the field for Pike. But Hughes is not only a deep threat, he also creates separation on shorter routes like no other. Hughes has a unique knack for finding open spaces on the field, making his routes unpredictable and difficult to defend against. His agility and creativity allow him to exploit gaps in the defense, adding an element of spontaneity to his game. Now when you think that there couldn’t be more to his game, there is. His ability to gain yards after the catch is top notch. His rapid acceleration and willingness to fight for extra yards is displayed every time he takes the field. These are all traits that have coaches at the next level tracking Hughes’ progress. Some have jumped right on the opportunity to invite Hughes out to their schools. He has been invited to camp by Bowling Green, UConn, Saint Francis, and multiple other camps that feature NCAA programs. Aside from his physical attributes, Hughes exhibits a deep understanding of the game. He possesses an innate football intelligence that enables him to read the field, adjust his routes, and find opportunities for his team. His ability to recognize and exploit defensive weaknesses makes him a valuable asset to his offense, contributing to the team's success. Hughes’ hard work, discipline, and commitment have earned him the respect and admiration of his teammates and coaches. As he continues to develop his skills, Hughes has the potential to make a lasting impact on the football landscape, not just at the high school level but also in future endeavors. For more on Hughes, visit his personalized profile page here: About GoMVB: GoMVB offers personalized digital and social media promotional services specifically for high school prospects aspiring to become next level collegiate athletes. The GoMVB coaches and advisors are former college athletes, high school, and youth coaches themselves with vast experience in marketing and promotions. GoMVB GUARANTEES every prospect will immediately see a marked increase in exposure to and communication with college scouts, coaches and recruiters. To learn, visit


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