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Sophomore TE/LB Brock Feinberg Feels Destined For Big-Time Football

Sophomore TE/LB Brock Feinberg Feels Destined For Big-Time Football


June 16, 2023

Mount Pleasant, SC: When Brock Feinberg was in the 8th grade, he felt destined for big-time football.

The Wando High School sophomore attended a Clemson Summer Camp. He drove four hours to see what the competition was all about and hopefully get some exposure.

"I was so excited to be there,'' said Feinberg, 6-foot-1 1/2, 235-pound tight end/linebacker. "I started to destroy the competition in my grade and they moved me up a grade. After dominating there, they moved me up another grade and I was able to hold my own against kids two years older than me. After that camp, that's when I realized I may have a future in football.''

Sure enough, someone from Clemson contacted Feinberg, sending him literature and officially putting him on their radar.

Feinberg has made the rounds at various camps since then and plans more in the future.

Although just a sophomore, he has been in contact with schools such as:


South Carolina




At the Football University Camp, he was chosen as one of the top tight ends and was invited to play in the National FBU All-American Game for freshmen in Naples Florida. He was credited with a 40-yard catch with most of the yards coming after the catch.

Feinberg is a multi-sport athlete. However, he plays other sports to gain versatility and become better at football, which he makes no bones about being his main sport.

"I play on the basketball team to help me with jumping and agility, which I'm going to need to play tight end,'' explained Feinberg. "I may end up competing in wrestling, which would help me more for football as far as flexibility. I played baseball my whole life, but I'm doing track and field now because it will help with my speed and strength.''

Let's start with football.

Feinberg is a two-year starter. As a tight end in the fall, he caught 15 passes for just shy of 200 yards and a touchdown. He recorded an astounding 25 pancake blocks, a true testament to his strength and grit.

Feinberg definitively wants to play tight end in college. He has the size for the position, and he thinks he’s still got more growing to do.

"I think I still have a chance to grow,'' said Feinberg, who bench presses 285 deadlifts 500. "My mother has relatives who are 6 '4” and my father has family that are 6’5”. And I have two relatives who are 6’8” and 6’11”. I still think I’m growing.''

If he doesn't, Feinberg is doing something about it. He is training to be a linebacker.

"I'm going to a few camps just for linebackers this summer,'' said Feinberg, who runs the 40 in 4.86. "I'm still learning the position, but I'm very confident in my abilities there.''

As a tight end, Feinberg says he has great hands, a sizable frame for it and considers himself a natural leader. As far as linebacker, he feels he has the ability to read a play to get to the ball carrier no matter what, while using his strength, agility and improving speed.

In the most recent Red Zone rankings, he is the No. 1 tight end in South Carolina and the 9th best player overall in his class.

Feinberg started a handful of games in basketball, depending on matchups, and averaged close to 10 rebounds per game, while playing exceptional defense. He’s a horse on the boards.

In track and field he runs the 100 and throws the shot and discus. Feinberg said one of his heralded teammates threw 38 feet last year in the shot and earned some recognition. He has already thrown as far 41 feet this spring. 

If you weren’t impressed by his ability to adapt on both sides of the ball, then you must be after hearing his success in basketball and track.

Feinberg will continue to display his talents this camp season, as he has already attended camps where he met with Clemson, South Carolina, and Tennessee. As aforementioned, he has been in contact with some of these coaches for a while and he's staying fresh in their minds by showing out at their camps.

"Everything from here is to become the best football player I can be,'' said Feinberg, who maintains a 3.83 grade point average. "I definitely want to play at a high D1 level in college.''

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