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Season-Ending Injury Can’t Stop NJ ’23 QB AJ Schwartz from Changing Culture and Leading Marlboro ...

November 13, 2022
Press Contact: Marlboro, NJ: There's absolutely no doubt that Marlboro Mustang's star QB and Team Captain,
A.J. Schwartz will be back on the field at 100% after a season-ending injury.
His coaches, teachers, teammates, and anyone who has come in contact with Schwartz will all
say the same thing: AJ will be back, and he will be back even better than he was before his

And before his injury, he was one of the main reasons that the Marlboro football team, which
had a long history of struggles in the Shore Conference, turned it around in 2021 and 2022. 
In two decades before Schwartz's junior year in 2021, the Mustangs had not finished above
.500 ONCE, but in the last two years, Marlboro finished 7-3 and 6-4. To put that in perspective,
the Mustangs won 14 games from December 2013 until the start of the 2021 campaign. 
Schwartz's leadership on the field might only be matched by what he has done off it since his
injury. He could have sulked or checked out, but he's been at the center of the program even
while unable to play. A true leader, Team Captain Schwartz has worked with his replacements
to ensure the Mustangs did not collapse, and they nearly pulled out a Constitution Division title.
In the classroom, Schwartz's GPA is just about 4.45, and he has posted a 31 on his ACT - that's
the top 95th percentile: he is a winner on and off the field. His teachers’ opinions of him are
unanimous: A.J. is a hard worker, and he makes the class a better environment for everyone.
But he also spends time outside the classroom volunteering around the community, which
It shows he gets it.

As a workout warrior, Schwartz was ready to dive into his rehab with two feet. His strength and
conditioning work has only increased, and he should come out of this injury stronger and

On the field in 2021, Schwartz had 18 combined touchdowns as the Mustangs piled up win after
win in this historic campaign. Schwartz was pivotal under center but also as part of the
secondary that improved tremendously in 2021. The Marlboro defense held four teams under
16 points, which led to four wins.

Here is what a coach said about his play in 2021: Schwartz is a mobile QB and team captain in
his junior season. He has a strong, accurate arm and completed over 65% of his passes this
season. AJ torched defenses for 13 TDs via the air and another five with his legs. Schwartz was
also a key member of the Marlboro secondary. He can be seen on film routinely taking down
running backs at the line of scrimmage and is athletic enough to be a force in coverage. AJ also
has a tremendous wingspan of 6'3", which helps his secondary play."

But maybe more importantly, here is what another coach said about the Mustang's two-year
captain while he was injured:
"I am so proud of AJ. He totally gets it. He has a season-ending injury, and he is only worried
about the team. (I’m) hearing stories about how kids go to (his) house to talk about the game
(with AJ) – that’s a sign that the culture has changed in Marlboro. AJ is the main reason why
they had a winning record last year. You can trust him to overcome this adversity and be
stronger. He is a leader, a winner, and a great person." AJ is expected to recover fully - just in
time for Spring training and a fierce off-season. With his drive, passion, and commitment to 
the game, AJ won’t miss a beat when starting his Freshman season.

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