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NJ Manalapan Braves Junior LB Josef Mizrahi – Excited to Prove His Worth During Senior Campaign

NJ Manalapan Braves Junior LB Josef Mizrahi – Excited to Prove His Worth During Senior Campaign


January 27, 2023

Manalapan, NJ: Opportunity. That is the word Josef Mizrahi uses the most in his vocabulary. In fact, it's the most critical word – that could have a significant impact on his future.

Mizrahi is a 5-foot-9, 160-pound junior running back/linebacker at Manalapan High School in New Jersey. He had the fortune to learn from and to play behind Braves 6’3” OLB, Joseph Mello during this 2022 season. 

Josef saw meaningful varsity time on all special teams and took advantage of position related opportunities whenever they were presented.

He made the most of the hand he was dealt as he started every game on the JV team and never came off the field, leading the junior Braves in tackles per game.

"I made strides this year,'' observed Mizrahi. "I had no shot of playing as a freshman and a sophomore, and this year I didn't come off the field with the JV and led the team in tackles. So, I look at that as a positive.''

As he should and now, he just needs that opportunity.

"That's all I feel I need, an opportunity,'' said Mizrahi. "I want a chance to start and a chance to eventually play in college. All I want is an opportunity.''

Mizrahi has taken it upon himself to get the ball rolling regarding college recognition. 

"I started contacting colleges myself with letters, highlight films, and those sorts of things,'' said Mizrahi. "I’ve received many positive responses and although most college coaches are focused on ’23 recruits, it’s clear to me I’m making inroads. They thank me for my hard work and dedication.''

Hard work and dedication are two more words that keep creeping into his vocabulary.

"Since the season ended, I have been working very hard in the weight room and to improve in all areas,'' said Mizrahi. "One of the things holding me back is my height. I can't do much about that, but I can work on my strength and overall game. I'm hoping to reconnect with one of my old coaches, a trainer, and work with him one-on-one. I am dedicated to working hard, so I will be ready if I get my opportunity.''

Mizrahi bench presses 185 pounds - and hopes to soon reach 200 - and squats 325. He also maintains a 3.39-grade point average.

Scouting Report: "Mizrahi has solid athletic instincts needed to play linebacker. He can anticipate. He can see the whole play develop and react with an aggressive tackle. He's good at fighting off his man and has an assortment of moves he uses to reach the ballcarrier or quarterback, including a spin move, and he has a textbook tackling style.''

To check out Mizrahi's film and stats, please visit his personalized player page here:

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