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Manalapan '24 Wrestler Gola Has Found His Sport, Now Plans to Take It to The Next Level

Manalapan '24 Junior Wrestler Gola Has Found His Sport, Now Plans to Take It to The Next LevelFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 18, 2023 Manalapan, NJ: Like most youngsters who grew up playing all the different sports in their local town, Ardit (pronounced Ardeet) Gola tried football when he entered Manalapan High School as a freshman in the fall of 2020. Then it was on to basketball in the winter. One way or another, both football and basketball did not become a passion for Gola. Gola was not disappointed or desperate to find a sport to his liking, he was just enjoying life as a high school student. Then one night, when he was still a freshman, Gola went to a school wrestling match with some friends. That's when the light went off. "It looked like fun and I said to myself 'Hey, I can do that, I want to do that,' '' said Gola Gola joined the wrestling team as a sophomore and he's hoping the rest will be history, as they say. Since he was starting the sport from scratch with no experience at all, Gola was more of a junior varsity kid his first two years. After going 7-2 as a sophomore, he was 15-6 as a junior. He did get a few calls on the varsity last year and finished 6-5; including 6-3 at 165. "I wasn't disappointed at all,'' said Gola. "I learned a lot about the sport, about myself and realized what I need to do to get better to be a varsity wrestler.'' Now a 5-foot-9, 165-pound junior, Gola is focused on getting into college with wrestling paying most of the way. The first thing he did was give up football. "I felt I wasn't getting what I wanted out of football,'' said Gola. "So I'm going to use the time I would normally devote to football and work on wrestling as well as getting bigger and stronger.'' Now that wrestling is his one and only focus athletically, Gola will work to improve, while continuing to learn the nuances of the sport. And for the first time, he has goals to strive for as a senior. "I definitely want to have a winning record, get as high as a four or fifth seed for the tournaments and make it to the states,'' said Gola. "And go to college to wrestle.'' "I've been talking to a head coach from a D3 school - Suny Brockport,'' said Gola, who maintains a 4.0 grade point average. "He wants me to visit the school. Hopefully I'll get more interest once I compete this off-season and then when the season starts. "But I'm going for academics first. I'm looking for a school with a good wrestling program and a school strong in physical therapy and kinesiology. I want to become a physical therapist. I was always interested in sports and the process of healing injuries.'' As a senior, there will be no football, no basketball. It's time to focus on one thing - wrestling. To learn more about Ardit Gola, please visit his personalized player page here: About GoMVB: GoMVB offers personalized digital and social media promotional services specifically for high school prospects aspiring to become next level collegiate athletes. The GoMVB coaches and advisors are former college athletes, high school, and youth coaches themselves with vast experience in marketing and promotions. GoMVB GUARANTEES every prospect will immediately see a marked increase in exposure to and communication with college scouts, coaches and recruiters. To learn, visit

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