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Class of 2026 Softball Superstar Ella Katz Already Nationally Ranked

October 6, 2022
Press Contact:

Huntington, NY: How good is Class of 2026 softball player Ella Katz?

Well, how much time do you have?

The ninth-grader plays for the elite travel team New York Lady Nightmares, and has already put up some outrageous numbers at just 14-years-old. Katz is ranked as the 46th best 3B in the nation, and as the number 234 player in the country at any position. She plays third base, but can play around the diamond and in the outfield.

Here are some eye-popping numbers from the last year:

Exit Velocity: 73 Distance Verified: 225 Batting Average: .552 Plate Appearances: 62 Slugging: .693 OBP: .640 OPS: 1.3 RBIs: 24 Singles: 23 Doubles: 6 Triples: 3

Katz works just as hard off the field as on it as well, with a 3.73 GPA already: that is expected to climb as she gets more semesters under her belt.

Here is a scouting report on Katz:

“She is a phenomenal player already. You see her stats, but when you see her play, she just dominates. The ball absolutely explodes off her barrel. Katz already has power at such a young age, and will continue to get stronger: remember, she is only 14 right now, and just hit 33 home runs last year.

“Katz is also extremely coachable. She works so hard to get better every day, every week, and she is going to be such a big-time player over the coming years.”

A lot of times, coaches will say the sky’s the limit for a player, and it might be a little bit of hyperbole. Here, it is not: Katz is the real deal, and is going to get a ton of offers in the future.

Recently Ella was invited to Select 30 National Training Camp in Florida. Where she hopes to improve her national rank.

To check out Katz’s film and stats, please visit his personalized player page here:

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