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All Eyes on 2023 Ethan Jafri - Cementing Himself as a Court Leader with High School in the Rear V...

All Eyes on 2023 Ethan Jafri - Cementing Himself as a Court Leader with High School in the Rear View Mirror


February 17, 2023

Beaverton, Oregon: Sharpshooter Ethan Jafri is most definitely looking to make an impact this Spring with Elite 24. He is impressing everyone watching with his incredible efficiency and sought after skill set on the basketball court.

Standing at 6’3” and weighing in at 170 lbs, Ethan brings a unique combination of size and athleticism to his team. His impressive statistics speak for themselves: a 72% effective field goal percentage, a 95% success rate from the free throw line, and a deadly 48% from beyond the three-point arc.

Ethan has the ability to play both the point guard and shooting guard positions. He is an exceptional passer when playing the lead guard, and he is a deadeye “Three-and-D” when at the two. 

Coaches in the Oregon area describe Jafri as, “A true Swiss Army knife on the court, he can shoot the lights out, distribute the ball like a seasoned guard, and battle through tough defenses with his gritty determination. He’s a player that you love to have, and fear to face.”

Ethan’s offensive pace is a joy to watch, as he seamlessly runs the pick and roll and finds ways to score. He is the total package and has the potential to make an immediate impact on any college basketball program. 

This previous off-season, Ethan proved that his work ethic will take him far. Whether it was pushing himself and others in the weight room, or getting up extra shots on the court, he sparked major improvement.

Now into his senior season, Ethan is living up to his praise and is ready to show the world what he is capable of.

Scouting Report: “Ethan’s true value lies in his intangible qualities. He is a tough player who never gives up, possessing a “high motor” that allows him to outwork his opponents. He also plays with a high basketball IQ, consistently making smart decisions and putting his teammates in the best position to succeed. All of this with his unmatched efficiency makes him a direct contributor for any team he plays for.”

To check out Jafri’s film and stats, please visit his personalized player page here:

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