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2024 Braelan Berard Making Giant Leaps for Westside Basketball as He Steps Into Leadership Role

2024 Braelen Berard Making Giant Leaps for Westside Basketball as He Steps Into Leadership Role


May 2, 2023

Houston, TX: Westside High School’s Braelen Berard is making waves in the basketball world. Berard, a class of 2024 point guard and shooting guard, is often recognized for his impressive skills on the court. Recently named to the 2023 First Team All-District, Berard still finds a way to go under some radars, which should not be the case. 

Berard’s talent on the court is undeniable, with an average of 20.5 points per game and 4.5 assists per game. He is also an excellent free-throw shooter, with an impressive 90% success rate. Berard’s skill set extends beyond scoring, as he leads his team in assists. Even more, he made major strides on the defensive end of the ball compared to his previous sophomore year, as he led the Wolves in steals as well. 

Berard’s rise to all-around star is not accidental. He has dedicated himself to the court, playing AAU basketball in the summer with the Houston Topguns on a recruit look circuit, and working with a personal trainer at least three times a week to hone his skills. 

Berard’s hard work and dedication are reflected not only in his performance on the court but also in his academic achievements. With a 3.2 GPA, Berard is a student-athlete who knows the importance of balancing sports and academics.

Off the court, Berard is known for his positive attitude and leadership qualities. He is a role model for his teammates, demonstrating the value of hard work and perseverance in achieving success. Berard’s game is marked by a combination of composure, speed, and flash, making him an exciting player to watch. Everyone that sees the Westside Wolves play takes note of his multifaceted skill set. 

“I have a high motor that can impact any team,” Berard says. “If need be, I know how to step up and be a leader, but I always make sure I take care of my grades first and foremost.” 

Berard leads by example and has a clear high character. His dedication to his craft will ensure that he will have a special senior season in 2024, and will prove to be a valuable asset to whoever he plays for. 

Here’s a scouting report on Berard:

“Berard’s style of play is characterized by his speed and quickness, which allow him to break down defenders with ease. He has an impressive burst of speed, and he can get down the court in less than three or four dribbles. Berard’s flashy moves and ability to improvise on the court make him a thrilling player to watch, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats.”

To check out Berard’s film and stats, please visit his personalized player page here:

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