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Stonefitt Performance: Monmouth County's Hottest Facility in the Training Industry​

Stonefitt Performance: Monmouth County's Hottest Facility in the Training Industry​


June 23, 2023

Red Bank, NJ: Stonefitt Performance has quickly become the hottest group training facility in Monmouth County. As they approach their second anniversary, Stonefitt is the go-to place for over 1000+ youth athletes and 500+ NCAA D1 athletes, creating impact players left and right. They offer classes for youth athletes, high school athletes, college athletes, and adults, and they thrive to fulfill their motto of “sculpting your stature”.

What sets Stonefitt apart from other training facilities is their relentless pursuit of excellence in training. Led by a former collegiate athlete himself, Kevin Higgins, the group of elite trainers at Stonefitt can teach a multitude of athletic skills. Their training regimen involves combining game-specific movements that will translate directly to the field or court and compound lifts. 

There is a reason that athletes who play football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, and multiple other sports continue to come back even after they have gone off to college. Simply put, there does not seem to be a better place in the county that helps athletes boost their game to the next level. Stonefitt has become synonymous with elevated performance in various sports disciplines.

With demand through the roof, Stonefitt is leveling up its game by expanding its facilities to accommodate the influx of athletes knocking on their door. The revamped facility will be decked out with top-of-the-line equipment and a pumped-up training environment that will make it even more enticing to take the trip to Red Bank and check out Stonefitt. 

Recognizing the need for broader accessibility, Stonefitt will be launching their training app, enabling athletes from all over to access their elite training programs. With the app, athletes can now benefit from Stonefitt's expertise regardless of their geographic location or access to a training facility.

Whether it be to improve performance in your sport or stay in peak shape, Stonefitt is the place to be.

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