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Offered NJ Donovan Catholic Class of 2025 Wide Receiver Michael Thomas III Ready to Bust Out in 2022


May 13, 2022

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Offered NJ Donovan Catholic Class of 2025 Wide Receiver Michael Thomas III Ready to Bust Out in 2022

Barnegat, NJ: When you play for the non-public schools in New Jersey, you have to be special to make a varsity team as a freshman.

Donovan Catholic wide receiver Michael Thomas III is certainly special and is ready to make a huge statement in the fall of 2022 and has already received his first D1 offer from West Virginia University.

The current freshman got some playing time for the 6-5 (they were 9-2 on the field, but had to forfeit three games due to an ineligible player) state-ranked Shore Conference American team–and by the way, all five teams in the American Division finished 2021 over .500 (find me another league that can say that) – and has the size, strength, and speed to ensure Donovan Catholic stays over .500, and maybe makes a run at some silverware.

Thomas III is already 6-1 and 183 pounds at now 15-years-old and is projected to keep growing as he continues his work in the off-season and summer workout programs, including the PSR Combine. The big WR has a 79-inch wingspan and big hands, which obviously are key for a wide receiver, and has already attracted interest from additional Division 1 programs.

Off the field, Thomas III has his GPA up above a 3.0, and that will only improve in his next few semesters.

Here is a scouting report on the freshman from a coach that has seen him:

“The first thing you see is the size, and then you ask how old he is, and they say ‘14’, and your jaw just kind of drops. He is a physical specimen already, and you can just tell he is going to grow into a monster on the field. From what I have been told, he runs routes well for his age, and will get better as he is in the system for a couple years.

“He is a very coachable kid–his coaches rave about his attitude and work ethic–which is very promising for the future. He is going to be a major weapon.”

The sky's the limit for Thomas III.

To check out Thomas’ film and stats, please visit his personalized player page here:

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