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NJ Football Class of ‘27 WR/SS Jordan Mercado Already Making Waves on the New Jersey Scene


August 5, 2022

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NJ Football Class of ‘27 WR/SS Jordan Mercado Already Making Waves on the New Jersey Scene

Matawan, NJ: It can be difficult to project out four or five years when you are talking about a middle school football player.

But with Jordan Mercado, the future certainly looks bright, and Matawan High School looks to be the main beneficiary.

Mercado, who is a Class of 2027 wide receiver, strong safety, and athlete, is already on some scouts’ lists despite the fact he is still at Jonas Salk Middle School. He has lit up the youth football scene at the New Jersey shore, and has many coaches excited about his potential despite the fact he may not make a huge impact at the varsity level until 2024.

At just 13-years-old, Mercado already stands 5-5 and weighs nearly 130 pounds, and is working hard in the weight room to get bigger and stronger in anticipation of his arrival on campus next fall.

In the classroom, Mercado is working hard to get his GPA up, and should go into high school in a good spot.

Here is a scouting report on the player:

“Jordan has already shown that he can play the game. He has been a standout at both the wide receiver and safety positions, and it seems like he will be able to play both when he eventually gets to Matawan. It will be interesting to see which position he eventually settles into in the coming years.

“He is a hard worker and does very well listening to instruction: it does not take him long to learn something, and then put it into practice. Obviously, he needs to get bigger and stronger, but that will come. He does very well right now against his age group.”

To check out Mercado’s film and stats, please visit his personalized player page here:

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