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Hun School's '25 JP Gottschall Going Out of His Comfort Zone to Prepare for Anticipated Junior Se...

Hun School's '25 JP Gottschall Going Out of His Comfort Zone to Prepare for Anticipated Junior SeasonFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 14, 2023 Princeton, NJ: Class of 2025 Center and Defensive Tackle JP Gottschall is quickly making a name for himself at the Hun School of Princeton. Standing at 6'4" and 285 lbs, he has shown an impressive ability to contribute on both sides of the ball, despite just being a sophomore this past season. Learning under the tutelage of Coach Todd Smith, Gottschall has had the opportunity to play for the best of the best. it's no secret that many of Hun’s senior offensive linemen are off to compete with the best the Power 5 Conferences have to offer, allowing Gottschall to gain a true sense for how to raise his game around elite talent. He learned techniques and hands-on skills for the O-line through older teammates. Conversely, he also drew from the experience of having to deal with elite offensive linemen when he would go against them on defense. Now that those elite seniors have moved on to the next level, Gottschall is left with big shoes to fill. He is primed for a huge junior season, and he is doing everything in his power to prepare for it. Gottschall has lived in the weight room this off-season. He trains daily in the Hun School weight room along with the rest of the trench men on the Hun’s offensive line. Also, he lifts and works on explosiveness at Demarco’s Training Systems in Hamilton, NJ. Gottschall joined the track and field team in the spring, which has improved his conditioning and speed. However, the biggest extracurricular that has gained traction for Gottschall is his new found love for jiu jitsu. This intense form of martial art is an extraordinary way to sharpen mental resiliency and improve physical mobility. And Gottschall has learned fast. On top of this, he has quite noticeably improved his physique, and he can gladly say that jiu jitsu played a major role in that. Given all of this work, it has become evident that Gottschall’s frame is developing just by taking a look at him. As he continues to work and hone his skills, there is little doubt that he will continue to catch the attention of even more college coaches. He is sure to be an elite prospect as he enters his third season at the Hun. Here’s a scouting report on Gottschall: “JP’s physical development has been nothing short of impressive. He has caught the eyes of coaches at all levels ahead of his junior campaign. His poise and strength on the offensive side of the ball makes him an intriguing prospect. This, accompanied by his elusiveness on the defensive line, deduces that JP’s stock is definitively rising.” To check out Gottschall’s film and stats, please visit his personalized player page here: About GoMVB: GoMVB offers personalized digital and social media promotional services specifically for high school prospects aspiring to become next level collegiate athletes. The GoMVB coaches and advisors are former college athletes, high school, and youth coaches themselves with vast experience in marketing and promotions. GoMVB GUARANTEES every prospect will immediately see a marked increase in exposure to and communication with college scouts, coaches and recruiters. To learn, visit

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