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Highly-Ranked Class of 2024 DL/OL Michael Macaione Ready for Junior Year

September 13, 2022
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Gilford, NH: Just like in 2021, the Gilford-Belmont Golden Eagles football team from New Hampshire has started the new season unbeaten at 2-0.

Michael Macaione is now hoping that the season continues at that pace. Last year, the Golden Eagles got off to a 3-0 start, but lost four of six down the stretch, including a first round playoff game, to end the year 5-4. If Macaione has any say, this campaign will be markedly different.

One of the reasons for that is Macaione’s work in the offseason strength and conditioning program: the junior has bulked up to 6-2, 250 pounds, and is now benching nearly 300 pounds and squatting over 400 pounds. He has massive hands (10 inches) which make him very hard to block on defense and allows him to pass protect and run block on offense.

Where he ends up is still in the air, but he has been ranked as a top 25 player on the defensive side of the ball by NHNext Up Recruiting and a top 50 player by NHFR. 

In the classroom, Macaione has also been a star, and is expecting to raise his GPA even higher over the next year.

Here is a scouting report on Macaione from a coach who has watched his tape:

“He is one of those high-motor kids on defense. He is very tough to block: when he lines up in the middle of the defensive line, he just knocks opposing lineman backwards right away, then can slide down the line to make tackles. He has massive hands and is very strong, so it is tough to get away from him. He is getting better every day, and is going to be a star this season and next.”

To check out Macaione’s film and stats, please visit his personalized player page here:

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