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Farrell Lions’ Ben Rosa, ’23, Eye Opener on Both Sides of the Line

Updated: Aug 7, 2021


July 16, 2021

Recruiting Contact:

Coach Pat Marzo


Farrell Lions’ Ben Rosa, ’23, Eye Opener on Both Sides of the Line

STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK – Ben Rosa is a force in the trenches for the Monsignor Farrell Lions, out of New York City. The 2023 grad shows a rare combination of strength and mobility at 270 plus pounds.

“Rosa’s film depicts a big body player standing up offensive linemen while clogging up any potential holes/plays - thus winning the battle at the line of scrimmage,” said Pat Marzo, GoMVB. “Once that happens, Rosa is either making the tackle himself or enables his linebackers to make the stop (untouched) at the line of scrimmage.”

According to Marzo, Rosa has his “way with defensive linemen.” Sometimes Rosa simply steps correctly off the ball and is too strong for the defender to do anything but watch the runner take the path off Rosa’s hip and other times Rosa simply drives the defender five to ten yards down field. His ability to get off the ball is unique making his effectiveness as a PULLING GUARD impressive to say the least.

Defensively, we can’t say enough how well he punches through, getting to the heels of the OLineman he’s up against. Rosa stays disciplined to gap assignments and seems to always win the battle at the LOS.

A dual sport athlete (wrestling), Ben Rosa is a major prospect with a GPA of 3.7 out of a highly competitive academic school.

You can see Ben Rosa’s video highlights as well as his physical abilities, academics, and athletics stats at

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