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6’, 185 LBS., 15-Yr Old QB Raising Eyebrows and Showing Huge Trajectory

Updated: Aug 7, 2021


July 29, 2021

Recruiting Contact:

Coach Pat Marzo


NORTHWOOD, OH - 6’, 185 LBS., 15-Yr Old QB Raising Eyebrows and Showing Huge Trajectory

Young Ohio QB, Brandon Mielke, is one to keep an eye on. Hailing from Northwood Ohio, Mielke the ’24 recruit, is a three-sport athlete who is 6 foot tall and 185 pounds. Brandon, who is only 15 years old has a lot of room to continue to grow.

“All the signs are there for Mielke,” said GoMVB Coach Pat Marzo. “He’s got a strong arm coupled with a calm pocket presence. He is able to go through his reads in quick fashion and makes terrific decisions. His QB IQ and maturity are already varsity caliber now and we can't wait to see this player gain more inches on his athletic frame.”

Add Track and Basketball to his portfolio, along with a very mature early focus on Mechanical Engineering, this young QB is a prospect we expect coaches across the collegiate landscape to be watching closely over the next few years.

You can view Brandon Mielke’s video highlights as well as his physical abilities, academics, and athletics stats at

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