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'25 Anthony Spinelli Stepping His Game Up to Help Lead CBC Football to Another Title

'25 Anthony Spinelli Stepping His Game Up to Help Lead CBC Football to Another TitleFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 2, 2023 St. Louis, Missouri: Class of 2025 Cornerback and Safety Anthony Spinelli from Christian Brothers College High School, is quickly making a name for himself on the gridiron. With his incredible speed, ideal size, and uncanny ability to change direction, Spinelli is making a name for himself at one of the top programs in the state. Since his freshman year, Spinelli has been a valuable asset to the varsity squad at CBC. Now having just finished his sophomore season, once again contributing to the back-to-back state champs, he is ready to take over the secondary for the Cadets. “Coach had let me know during this offseason that I am going to have to step up as a leader for our DBs,” said Spinelli, “I’m putting in the work every day. I want to be that guy that coach can rely on.” And putting in the work he most certainly is. Spinelli is in the weight room three times a week with the team, plays for Boom Elite 7v7 u18, and trains speed and acceleration twice a week with his track coach, Brendan Thompson. Needless to say, Spinelli’s incredible work ethic along with his impressive measurables (at just 15 years old, he's 6'1" 180 lbs) are shaping him up to be a prospect on many coaches' radars. Coaches have already taken action on Spinelli, even at this early stage in his high school career. He has taken multiple visits to high level schools, including Purdue University and Middle Tennessee State University. Furthermore, his combine testing numbers are definitely attracting college coaches. He clocked a blazing 4.6 40-yard dash, paired with a 1.45 10-yard split. That is next level speed. Off the field, Spinelli might be even more impressive. He maintains an excellent academic record with an astounding 4.6 GPA, along with receiving nods to the Academic Honors Program and Advanced Placement Academic Scholarship at his school. Additionally, he is in the top 10 consideration for valedictorian. Clearly, Spinelli’s work ethic is on full display on and off the field. He leads by example and exemplifies true character in front of his peers. “A lot of times in study hall, I will have my work done pretty quickly. So, I go around helping out some of my classmates with their work if they are struggling to understand some subjects, especially in math,” Spinelli remarks. That’s what it’s all about. A player that can put that sort of effort into everything he does, is a player that will find major success in life. That’s Anthony Spinelli. There’s no doubt that he is a rising star in the world of high school sports. With his enormous potential and imposing skill set, it will be exciting to watch what Spinelli can do in the coming years of his career. To check out Spinelli’s film and stats, please visit his personalized player page here: About GoMVB: GoMVB offers personalized digital and social media promotional services specifically for high school prospects aspiring to become next level collegiate athletes. The GoMVB coaches and advisors are former college athletes, high school, and youth coaches themselves with vast experience in marketing and promotions. GoMVB GUARANTEES every prospect will immediately see a marked increase in exposure to and communication with college scouts, coaches and recruiters. To learn, visit

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