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Class of 2024 WR/S Anthony Brown Ready to Break Out in 2022 for Immaculata


September 8, 2022

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Class of 2024 WR/S Anthony Brown Ready to Break Out in 2022 for Immaculata

New Brunswick, NJ: When you try to project just how good a player is going to be two years down the road, it can be a tough task.

But when you see talented sophomores or freshmen playing for good teams, it becomes a little easier: if a player is good enough to start and contribute while still growing into his frame, that bodes well for his junior and senior campaigns.

Immaculata Class of 2024 wide receiver and safety Anthony Brown is a perfect example.

Brown logged big minutes on the field for the Spartans in 2021 as a 15-year-old, holding his own as Immaculata went from 0-7 in 2020 to 7-3 last year. At 5-11 and 150 pounds, Brown is working hard in the weight room and on the track team to increase his strength and speed before camp starts this summer.

Speaking of camps, Brown has taken them by storm over the last few years, winning the MVP of the NUC East Prequel Camp.

In the classroom, Brown has a 3.0 GPA which will continue to climb in the coming semesters.

Here is a scouting report on Brown:

“He is fast, but he also has pure field speed as well, in part due to his positioning. His 40 time is already below 4.8, and that number could get down into the 4.5s. His work with the track team should ensure Brown continues to get faster.

“He was a big weapon on offense, and has the length and speed to be a key for the Immaculata defense that is trying to build on a big 2021 season. Brown could make a big jump in his junior season if he keeps working to get bigger and faster.”

To check out Brown’s film and stats, please visit his personalized player page here:

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