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'24 K/P Mika Levy Impresses on The Field, and is An Inspiration Outside of It


August 3rd, 2023

Sarasota, FL: Mika Levy is a talented kicker and punter, who is making waves on and off the football field. He’s got the tools to be a high level collegiate kicker, and has got the work ethic to back that up. He attends Out Of Door Academy in Sarasota and is in the class of 2024. Mika is set to become one of the most promising special teamers in Florida ahead of his senior year.

Standing at an impressive 6’2″ and weighing 210 lbs., Mika’s age speaks volumes about his potential. At just 16 years old, he is considered young for his class, showcasing the vast room for growth that lies ahead. This makes him an even more valuable asset for the Out of Door Academy’s football program, as he continues to develop his abilities both on and off the field.

Academically, Mika is a standout student, boasting a remarkable 4.4 GPA, paired with a notable 1420 SAT score. His dedication to excelling in the classroom demonstrates that he is not only an exceptional athlete but also a well-rounded individual committed to achieving success in all aspects of life.

On the field, Mika is known for his fierce competitive spirit, evident through his journey to earn his role as the team’s kicker under three different head coaches in just three years. His determination and relentless drive have allowed him to become an essential part of the team, as special teams are much more crucial than most think.

As a player, Mika describes himself as highly coachable. Taking criticism as an opportunity for growth, he consistently learns from his mistakes and implements valuable insights from his coaches to refine his skills. This adaptability and willingness to learn have garnered praise from every kicking coach he has worked with, as they commend his ability to translate their advice into tangible results on the field.

To ensure he is in peak condition for the upcoming season, Mika has invested significant effort into refining his craft. He has attended various prospect camps to fine-tune his kicking and punting skills. Additionally, he is committed to maintaining his physical strength, frequently dedicating time to lifting and conditioning exercises. His weekly practice sessions, consisting of kicking and punting routines, whether on the field or even in his own home.

However, Mika’s most significant quality has yet to be mentioned. He works with a charity called “It Takes a Village” (ITAV).

The primary goal that Mika and his fellow members work toward is improving the quality of education and learning environment which will improve student output. Specifically, Mika’s group works with students in the village of Kamassasa, Sierra Leone, which has a deep place in his heart. Mika’s grandfather came from Kamassasa, he was orphaned at birth and raised and educated by Christian missionaries. Utilizing the education he had he was able to attend university in England and eventually became a surgeon.

Mika is in deep admiration of his grandfather and how in one generation, the trajectory of his entire family was drastically changed for the better. Now, he wants to give children in similar situations the opportunity to succeed like his grandfather did.

“I feel that it’s my duty to give back because I could just as easily be in their shoes,” Mika remarks. “We are helping to build a learning resource center providing a library, computer center, and teaching resources that will benefit the whole village.”

Mika’s outstanding character, both on and off the field, has made him a role model for his peers and a source of inspiration for the entire community. With his incredible achievements and admirable work ethic, he represents the epitome of a well-rounded student-athlete. An athlete with Mika’s skill set and goals is rare and should be carefully monitored by any college coach out there.

To learn more about Mika Levy, visit his personalized page

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