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’22 NJ Howell Rebel Linebacker Vincent Hoffman Will Attend Muhlenberg in the Fall


April 2, 2022

Press Contact:

’22 NJ Howell Rebel Linebacker Vincent Hoffman Will Attend Muhlenberg in the Fall

Howell, NJ: Vincent Hoffman has worked hard in his high school career to make himself a better player.

So, it was no surprise that the player picked Muhlenberg to continue his athletic and academic journey: the school has always been able to find hidden gems like Hoffman and get them in and have them contribute to one of the best Division 3 football programs in the country.

Hoffman, who at 6-0, 190-pounds has some very good measurables, was one of the key players for Shore Conference side Howell in 2021. He benches over 300 pounds, has a 36-inch vertical, and has run 40 times in the 4.7s.

Hoffman also has a 3.3 GPA in the classroom, which should bode well for when he hits the Muhlenberg campus in the late summer.

Here is a look at a scouting report on the linebacker:

“Hoffman always made the big play for the Rebels and was involved in the heavy blitz package for the team. He is strong enough to take on lineman, but more than athletic enough to chase down running backs, quarterbacks and cover slot receivers. Hoffman was one of the more valuable players for the Rebels on defense, because of that versatility, which is something that should prove to be important for the Mules as well.

“Hoffman is terrific in backside pursuit and can literally change a game plan for an opposing OC on his side of the field. He has worked hard to get his bench press up over 300 pounds, and to get his 40 time down into the 4.7s. He is also a bright kid–he should do very well at Muhlenberg.”

To check out Hoffman’s film and stats, please visit his personalized player page here:

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