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Why Choose YouTube for Video

Most people don't realize that when you share video from phone to phone, the video compresses, losing quality in resolution.

In the world of High School sports, particularly during the recruitment process, quality video is KEY!

Just take a look at HUDL and how it's widely used. But let's say your school or team doesn't use HUDL, then what?

Then ... YouTube.

Having your own YouTube channel to house your film is just as useful as a HUDL. It's easy to use and there's currently no subscription necessary to create a channel.

Here's a few reasons why YouTube is a great place to house your collection of sports videos:

  1. Directly uploading large videos to a platform can slow it down, but YouTube is designed to stream videos - it's what they do. Their servers and technology are far superior to a typical website, and their link sharing either directly or via social platforms makes it easy to show coaches your film - in the best quality possible.

  2. It's Free! YouTube is free, mainly because they make money by showing advertisements. These advertisements are displayed inside the video player, in the sidebar, and inside the YouTube app - but you'll notice that HUDL also shows advertisements.

  3. You can upload as many videos as you like. Initially, your max video time will be 15 minutes. This shouldn't be an issue as ideally; a full reel should be around 4 to 7 minutes with your best plays first. Should you need longer than 15 minutes, just verify your account - easy enough.

  4. YouTube has a community of more than 1 billion users, that’s one-third of the internet. It is also the world’s second most widely used search engine.

  5. Public – These videos are publicly accessible by anyone. They can be searched, listed, and displayed across YouTube platform.

  6. Unlisted – These videos can be accessible by anyone who has the URL. However, they will not appear in YouTube search or related videos

  7. Private – These videos are only visible to you, and specific users you choose.

YouTube offers three privacy settings for videos you upload.

YouTube offers powerful video editing features. They offer a video editor that allows you to create videos from your previously uploaded videos, photos, title, and more. Their web-based video editing tools offer a simple and easy video creating process. YouTube also allows you to add links, annotations, captions, and subtitles to your videos. It also offers live streaming feature where you can live broadcast events, and news.

Setting up a YouTube account is simple, but because it's owned by Google, you need a Gmail to set up your account. Here's how you do it:

  1. Go to

  2. Look for the button that says "Sign In".

  3. You will be promoted to sign in with your Gmail account or create one.

  4. Once you're signed in, look for a button that looks like a video camera with a plus sign in the center or look for "create a channel".

  5. Then follow the directions to add your videos!

Here are some best practices when adding videos:

  1. Remember to add a great description to your video's headline. Include keywords that a coach would use to search. For instance, what type of sport, what position, what are they about to see in the video? All of this can be added into the title and also into the description area.

We can help you optimize - if you have any questions about your YouTube channel - just reach out. We're happy to help.

Follow GoMVB's YouTube here: GoMVB - YouTube

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