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Lake Region FL '22 WR Roger Rodriguez Puts in the Work to Excel on and off the Football Field

Lake Region FL '22 WR Roger Rodriguez Puts in the Work to Excel on and off the Football Field

Lake Region, FL: Roger Rodriguez just needs a chance.

When you talk to his high school coaches at Lake Region High School, or his teammates, they all say the same thing: just give Rodriguez a chance, and he will make a play.

With a few offers already on the table, Rodriguez is generating some buzz after a good senior season. He is one of those types of players that can help in the offense, special teams, punt return, kick return: whatever you need as a coach, Rodriguez will be the first one to put his hand up and tell a coach he will do it.

One of the best things about Rodriguez is his work off the football field. He puts a lot of time in the weight room and on the track, getting stronger and faster. Rodriguez has worked hard to get his bench and squat numbers up over the last year.

In the classroom, Rodriguez has been a star over the last few years: he has his GPA up to a 3.62 and rising, showing that he is willing to put in the work with whatever task he needs to accomplish.

Here is what the scouts have said about Rodriguez before and after his senior campaign with Lake Region.

“Roger had a busy offseason before his junior season, with a strong focus on footwork and mechanics. A quick glance at his training clips shows a high level of athleticism that is undeniable. Since the 2021 season ended, he was right back to work on his speed and strength, to make sure wherever he goes at the next level, he will be ready.”

Rodriguez just needs a chance, and he will make any program better, on and off the field. You will not find someone who works harder.

To check out Rodriguez’s film and stats, please visit his personalized player page here:

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