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October 6, 2021

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MANALAPAN, NJ – Paul “Wojo” Wojciechowski was on a lot of reporters and opposing team’s watchlists as a wide receiver and for good reason. Wojo came on the scene, in his sophomore season, for the Manalapan Braves in 2019 after an injury to a wide out. Paul didn’t disappoint and the team didn’t miss a beat. Wojo was equally effective on the long ball as well as the quick hitter. He was near the top of the team for two straight years in catches and yards, thus the rest of the shore was concerned with the returning two-year player.

On Friday night, October 1st, Wojciechowski came up with the play of the game to seal a win for Manalapan. A win over highly ranked Southern that puts the Braves in prime position for a sectional run. This play wasn’t an over the shoulder TD catch in the corner of the end zone but a well-timed interception with 1:27 left on the clock and a 6-point Manalapan lead. Wojo moved to corner this season after a two-year absence. from playing both sides. The move has paid large dividends.

In the off season, the 6’0” -180 lbs. athlete recorded a 4.55s on the laser and his bench press is right under 300 lbs. The Braves have a deep roster, a squad that suits up near 100 players on Friday nights. They are well coached, disciplined and over the last two decades are considered one of the premier public-school programs in NJ. With plenty of pass catching athletes on the team, a dual threat returning QB and a strong running back the Manalapan coaches did what they do best – assess and find their weaknesses. Two all-star defensive backs parted for the college ranks and top athletes on defense seemed to be a primary concern. Wojo was moved to corner. He still gets offensive reps and has catches on the season, but his focus and primary responsibility has shifted to the defensive side. Very few kids will go full time two sides of the ball on Braves teams as they are so deep but more than a few will go “one and a half” ways - this is where Wojo is as a part time receiver and full-time corner.

“Wojo has exceptional sprinter’s speed and some of the best pure footwork I’ve seen in a while,” said Pat Marzo, GoMVB Analyst. “It wouldn’t surprise me to see him catching balls at the next level because he certainly is a good receiver, but he is also one of, if not the best, pure athletes on a terrific team. Corner suits him and is where you want to see your best players. Some questioned the move, but the Manalapan coaches are not new to the game. They find a way to get the most out of their players and play the kids where they will have the most success. Wojo and the coaches proved their worth in this huge win the other night.”

Paul, a 4.0 GPA student, had this to say, “Last year I contributed mainly on offense. While I am ready to do that again - right now, I am happy to contribute to my team defensively and especially in this huge win but if the coaches feel I am needed more defensively then I will give 100% of myself to the position. We have a talented team, and my focus is on our title run and not my individual numbers.”

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