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Georgia Football's Spalding Class of '24 RB Darrell Cummings Ready to Run Opponents Ragged This Fall


June 26, 2022

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Georgia Football's Spalding Class of 2024 RB Darrell Cummings Ready to Run Opponents Ragged This Fall

Jonesboro, GA: After two down years, when the Jaguars combined to go 2-19, and four years with losing records, Spalding football was back in 2021.

The Jaguars went 8-3 last season and come into 2022 looking to get back to the heights of Georgia high school football.

Why is the prognosis so favorable?

Well, there is a good roster of players, and there might be a secret weapon out of the backfield: Darrell Cummings.

The rising junior is ready to run all over Division and Region AAAA.

Cummings already had some eye-popping workout numbers before he was in the off-season and summer workout programs. The 5'9", 185-pound 15-year-old has posted sub 4.6s 40 times, and those numbers should expectedly keep dropping into the late summer. Cummings is already benching over 330 pounds and squatting 550 pounds: those numbers show how hard he works and that he should continue adding size to his ever-growing frame.

It is no wonder the Offense/Defense All-American Bowl has recently reached out to the rising junior and that he was chosen to attend the Jenkins Elite High School Training Camp.

Here is a scouting report on Cummings:

"Fast. He is very fast in the open field. He is also very quick through the hole, and decisive once he makes the cut at the line. Cummings is also physically strong for his age and getting stronger. With the rise back to prominence for Spalding on the AAAA scene in Georgia, Cummings is going to get a lot of looks. He is poised for a breakout campaign."

To check out Cummings' film and stats, please visit his personalized player page here:

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