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DT Kevin Rosario Found Out He 'Liked' Football, Now He's Pursuing His Dreams

November 18, 2022
Press Contact: Woodbridge, NJ: Being a pretty big kid as a Woodbridge High School (NJ) freshman, Kevin Rosario went out for football 'to see if I liked it or not.'

Not only did he like it, but he found himself getting better at it and stronger each year.

Rosario, a 6-foot-2, 270-pound offensive and defensive tackle, then decided he wanted to take football to another level, so he began to showcase his talents to get noticed.

"I knew I wanted to play in college,'' said Rosario. "I love it so much, I don't want football to be over when I finish high school.''

So Rosario signed up with GoMVB and attended as many camps as he could in 2021 to get his name out there.

During last off-season, he attended the Jersey Jam Showcase, the PSR Combine and NUC Sports Football. This off-season he expects his schedule to be even busier.

Here is a tweet of Rosario's desire to get better - at least 1% every day:

In the weight room, Rosario benches 245 pounds and squats 405. He runs 5.8 seconds in the 40 and in the classroom, he excels with a 3.2 grade point average.

Rosario stands out on defense where he is a starter for the 4-5 Barrons. Offensively, he gets some time as a blocking tight end.

He recently received his first college contact from Grove City College, a Division 3 school in Pennsylvania. But he expects more interest to come his way once the season is over where he will have time to get his video clips together.

Scouting Report: ''A big guy who expects to get to get bigger with a strong weight-room ethic, Rosario can rush the quarterback and find the ball carrier on defense with an ability to shrug off his man, survey the play, then make it. He can be blocked on a play, but still have the awareness to stop the ball carrier from a big gain with a tackle from behind. A tireless worker, Rosario is expected to get better at his craft, just as he has done for three years.''

Another way to get noticed is to compete in multiple sports. Last season, as a sophomore, he notched five victories for the Barrons' wrestling team, which finished 15-6. This winter, he is expected to be in a battle for the starting nod at 285.

To check out Rosario's film and stats, please visit his personalized player page here:
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